Company profile

1953 Mr. Dieter von Gehlen, employee at the Firm Carl von Gehlen in Rheydt, Germany, built a business relationship with the Lindauer DORNIER.
1983 The Company Dieter von Gehlen VDI, Engineering Office was founded in Mönchengladbach-Odenkirchen.
1990 Mr. Harald von Gehlen joins the company.
1997 New Generation:  Dieter von Gehlen goes to retirement and hands over the Company to Harald von Gehlen.
2002 The Company moves from Odenkirchen to the new office in Giesenkirchen.
2008 25th anniversary in April

After decades of cooperation with the Lindauer DORNIER, products for weaving preparation of  HACOBA, came to complete the company’s portfolio in the late 70’s in Mönchengladbach.Since the mid-1990s, more agencies rounded off the program of the company Dieter von Gehlen.

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