Weaving machines with rapier and air jet weft insertion, Leno technology: Easy Leno, ORW Open Reed Weaving
Composite Systems
Transport devices and storage systems, centre winder
Hardware and software for the entire textile production process (for example, BDE, ERP) focus on weaving and finishing
yarn brake sensors and yarn tension monitors for all types of textile machines
- for example weaving machines, weaving preperation installation and tufting -
Travelling Cleaner Weaving, stationary FX-systems for weft and warp, vacuum systems
Weaving reeds and weaving preparation
Temple in cylinder and rod version Fibrillation bars for tape yarn production optical electronic detection systems
narrow fabric looms, crochet machines
velvet weaving machines, sample loom up to 4 sheets
Selvedge beam warping machines & creel
Selvedge yarns and sewing threads
Needle bars for stenter frames
-Scissors -Tools like pulling hook , Reed knife, Burling Iron, combs..

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